• Stress

    Everyone experiences stress at one time or another and most people know what kinds of things cause it. For example stress can come from work, family, personal relationships, and general changes and challenges.

    But a stress-free life would be unrealistic and unhelpful because some stress is needed for us to develop, adapt and grow emotionally and psychologically.  For example some stress gives us energy, alertness and motivation to get things done.

    The problem is when we experience too much stress at one time or too much stress over a prolonged time.  This can have a negative effect on our health and wellbeing. See the table below for examples of what can be associated with severe or prolonged stress.

    Stress is not “all in the mind” because stressful life events tend to trigger biochemical changes in the body that are experienced both physically and psychologically.  The effects of stress are different for each person but no one is immune to stress, no matter how easy going we think we are. One day it could affect us profoundly, especially if we are confronted by unfamiliar or difficult situations and we don’t have the coping skills to help us.

    However, stress can be managed, reduced and kept at a level that is useful rather than harmful. If you would like to know more or to have some help with your own personal situation contact Julia at Centre for Psychological Health.

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