• Grief

    Questions & Answers with Julia Cull, Psychologist.

    Q: What is grief?

             Grief is usually an intense feeling of loss, loneliness and emptiness associated with the death of a loved one.

    Q: How should the grieving process be treated?

    The grieving process should be treated with respect as a journey we all take in our own way.

    Q: How long is the grieving process?

    Two to four years is considered a normal time frame with a minimum of one year.  The reason is because it takes a full year to experience all the significant dates without the loved one present.  For some people it takes two years to sink in fully.

    Q: What can I expect from myself emotionally after I have lost someone I cared about deeply?

    Initially the intensity and frequency of strong emotions is high and will decrease over time.  It can catch you when you are not expecting it.  This is normal.

    Q: What if someone I know is not grieving properly or hasn’t cried?

    There are many ways to grieve and not everyone cries or cries openly.  It depends on your personality and the relationship you have lost.  For example, if you are not normally a crier, you won’t necessarily become one when you are grieving.  Some people grieve by doing things and keeping busy.  This is normal too.

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