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    Julia Cull 

    Centre For Psychological Health

    Psychologist, Trauma Therapist, Head Coach 

    Julia's interest in Psychology stems from an early discovery as a teenager that one question to four people can give you 5 different answers! The mystery of the brain and how it works had began. 
    After more than 20 years as a Psychologist with a background in Welfare and Psychiatric Nursing, Julia has found that working with people with Trauma is an interesting area. Her additional training in Neurofeedback, EMDR and Hypnosis gives her a range of skills to support her clients from various angles, ensuring an effective strategy and plan from which to build. She also has found these therapies are of benefit to people with Depression, Anxiety and Stress. In addition, Julia knows that our relationships can impact our health and has designed a fun card game that couples can play together to promote intimacy and trust. 


    To break down the barriers and misunderstandings that get in the way of people seeking help early.  Early intervention is key.


    To have a community that better understands mental wellbeing, so that when it's not there, people know how to support each other and where to get help.


    Respectful, accessible, professional, & fun.

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